Simple Trend Trading

Simple Trend Trading is a trend following system. It uses a single indicator to determine the trend and the pullbacks that will regularly occur. This system was developed for day trading, however, it will work for intermediate and long-term traders as well. In the complete course, you will learn:
  • Proper money management to protect your capital (the most important lesson).
  • Where the big players are putting their money and how to profit by following the 'footsteps' they leave in the market.
  • How to deal with emotions that will arise when trading with real money. Many traders will tell you to have no emotion when trading, but this is impossible.
  • How to scale out of positions so you can let your profits run while cutting your losses short.
  • A robust system that works for futures, stocks, options, and forex.

Understand the Markets

See the markets from a completely different point of view. The Simple Trend Trading system is explained with the laws of economics in mind; laws that govern every market, whether it be buying a home or trading the futures. I cannot tell you how many systems I have purchased that only told me, 'Buy when this lines up, sell when this lines up', without even taking the market internals into consideration! When I look back on my early trading career before I knew this information, it's like I was trading blind. The number of people that trade without understanding the workings of the market is staggering to say the least; those who have even a small bit of knowledge about what goes on behind the scenes clearly have an advantage. The above chart shows four confirmed trades on the e-mini S&P on June 21st, 2007. With just these trades, the Simple Trend Trading system could have gained a total of 8.25 points. Although this may seem like a large amount to gain in one day, big trades like these are possible when the market is trending. After taking the Simple Trend Trading course, you will begin to see trades like this line up day after day.  

With Simple Trend Trading you’ll be able to:

  • Read price action like a floor trader
  • Truly understand what makes the market move
  • Have confidence in your trades
  • Become a profitable trader, and if you choose, a full-time trader

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